What Is The Value Of Being On The First Page Of Search Engines?

The answer is, how ever much someone is willing to pay to be on the first page of search engine results.

You could set your bid price to purchase ad space on search engines. The highest someone is willing to pay for keywords sets the value for those particular spots on search engines.

People and businesses could hire J Query King for professional and high level search engine optimization services. The prices vary depending on several aspects such as market saturation, competitiveness of market and keywords, type of services, etc.

Whatever an SEO expert charges for the optimization services sets the value for being on the first page of search engines.

I’ve charged $1000 a month for a Hawaii towing service company’s SEO. So, that’s another way to valuate being on the first page of search engines.

Valuation of top search engine rankings can also be calculated by how much revenue a business makes from leads coming from being on the first page of search engines. Valuation are sometimes valuate by the amount of clicks and/or traffic a website gets.

Of course, there’s a lot of data that needs to be calculated into the equation to qualify the values of search engine query result placements. I’m sure there’s an equation out there somewhere. Perhaps you can search for it on search engines. Search engine company Google has to have some kind of intricate formula to valuate search ranking placements.

In any case, top ranking search results are primely sought after because of the amount of traffic those spots provide. Once the covenant spots are achieved, it becomes a numbers game for businesses, bloggers, and what not, to get click throughs and sales conversions.

Prime “directory” spots have always been of value to businesses or whomever seeks to receive attention. In physical newspaper publications, front page ad spots were the most valuable spots.

Businesses have been targeting first page spots on old white and yellow page directories. The “old school” optimization tactics was to place “As” in front of their business’s name in order or be the first viewed of the alphabetized listings.

"Old School" Optimization Techniques

I certainly do not know the exact value of top rank search engine placements. I see too many variables to calculate an accurate valuation. It also could be subjective.

In all, I just know that first page search engine results are very valuable. I’ve gotten businesses from nowhere to be found to the #1 spot on relative query searches, and the business leads and revenue made for those businesses were astounding.

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