What Type Of Marketing Does SEO Utilize?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are used by marketers to market businesses through means of search engines. This type of marketing method has been used ever since the use of search engines became mainstreamed.

The SEO marketing strategy is an inbound marketing method which has its pros and cons over other outbound marketing strategies and tactics.

With using SEO to market businesses, potential clients are already warm leads because they are already searching for relevant search queries to the business’s product and/or services. So, if a business is visible atop search results for relevant search terms to the potential customer’s search, there is a higher chance of the customer choosing that particular business to do business with. It is non-intrusive marketing unlike outbound marketing tactics where interrupting people to try to gain their attention is the marketing strategy.

For instance, if a customer is looking for a Hawaii mobile mechanic service, in this day and age, they would likely search “hawaii mobile mechanic” on search engines. A mobile mechanic service business that utilizes SEO techniques correctly would be one of the first listing on the search results. Being the first listing on the search results greatly increases the chances of that customer picking that particular business being one of the first viewed on the search results.

A mobile mechanic using outbound marketing strategies would be marketing their business services to people not even looking for their services. Some tactics are advertising billboards, pop up ads, commercials, flyers, etc. Again the outbound marketing game is to interrupt people, get their attention, and “pitch” the business, in hopes that people remember their company whenever the need, want, or desire for the product/service arises. It’s easy to execute the campaign, but conversion rates are usually low for small businesses.

So there are some benefits to SEO marketing strategies. Come back here to JQ King to learn more about the advantages of SEO and see what we have to offer as well. – J Query King

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