Why Were Search Engines Created?

Content. Plain and simple.

In the midst of the mainstream use of the internet, a solution was needed to index and provide a tool to find information on the web. And to do that, the web’s content was the basis of what needed to be organized and searched for, since content is the “substance” of what makes up the internet.

Internet companies needed a solution for a way to be able to search for content that websites provided on their respective webpages. Hence search engines were created.

Why is this important? Well, to be able to found on the internet through search engines, you must understand how search engines work and what do they look for when providing search results.

Search engines, to the core, bases their search results and rankings on the most relative and authoritative content to the search query searched.

So, if you want to be searchable on search engines, you need more relative content to your subject matter rather than pretty little pictures of butterflies and laughing baby videos on your webpage.

For instance, I want this blog searchable for terms related to search engines, search engine optimization, seo, and such, so I’m writing content about search engines”. Simple right?

Just remember:

“Content is the reason search began in the first place.”

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